Oak Package

Package Overview

The Oak package provides a level of external support and advice that will benefit all schools. In addition to a range of leadership support it provides an external overview of the school for the Governing Body demonstrating that the school is outward looking, reflective and working in partnership with others.

  • 3 days tailored support at your school with a Leadership Partner (this can be used as ½ day or whole day support. This flexibility is factored into the charge for the package)
  • Telephone/ e-mail support and guidance from our central team
  • OFSTED support and guidance when an inspection is announced
  • Brokered support drawn from across 18 Boroughs to find the right partner to meet your school’s needs

School support packages start from September 2016 and span one academic year. However if you approach us for support through the school year we would be happy to look into providing support on a pro-rata basis.

Leadership Support and Training

We work in partnership with Headteachers across 18 Local Authorities in London. We are able to provide you with experienced serving Headteachers and Advisers who work independently of Local Authorities. Our Leadership Partners are highly regarded school leaders with a proven track record of effective school leadership. We know it is the quality of the people with whom you work in partnership that makes a difference.

Grow Leadership Partners

We know partnership working is effective and believe we can provide access to the right Leadership Partner to support the needs of your school. This is a relationship that is based on trust and honesty.

Working with a Leadership Partner can bring a fresh perspective on your school.  Through listening to you and assessing the needs and context of your school, we will find a Leadership Partner with the right skill set to provide the necessary support. The tailored and personal leadership support and advice, will then be able to be more responsive to the needs of an individual school and leadership team and help your school to move forward.

The Leadership Partner can support you in a number of ways. Once you have identified your area for development the Leadership Partner will be able to identify a Leading Teacher/Learning Consultant with the skills and expertise in the area you require. This could be a subject, year group, phase or whole school development issue.

Some examples of how this support may be used are listed below:

  • Develop new ways of school self-evaluation, including assistance in the gathering of evidence
  • Action planning for School Improvement
  • Learning review day
  • Coaching and mentoring of staff
  • Building capacity and developing the role of the middle leader
  • Preparation for OFSTED, support with observations and conducting pre-inspection reviews with a trained inspector
  • Visits to other schools to observe “Outstanding practice”
  • Subject leader support/ Subject specific support e.g. AST/ Consultant Leading Teacher
  • Class teacher support
  • Headteacher Performance Management (1 day)

Additional Days - Leadership Partner Support

The cost of an additional day for schools who have purchased the Oak, Beech of Cedar packages will be £600 per day or £350 for half a day (all prices exclude VAT).

If your school has not brought a leadership support package the charge will be £700 per day or £400 per half day (all prices exclude VAT).

Consultant Support

Tailored consultant support can be delivered in school or to clusters of schools.

Ofsted Style Reviews

Ofsted Style Reviews and support writing SEFs can be arranged with accredited inspectors. Please contact us for further information.

Bespoke Advanced Skills Teacher (AST) Support

We can offer, through AST and equivalent outstanding practitioners, a wide range of areas for practical support. These can be delivered in school or to clusters of schools.  Please contact us for further information.

Training Opportunities

If a school books two or more staff on a course the school will receive a 10% discount for that course. The discount will be applied when invoices are sent to the school.

We can also offer bespoke in-school training for individuals, department/phase meetings, staff meetings and inset  sessions. Prices are available on application and will vary to reflect the work the school wishes to commission. This is a cost effective way of providing professional development for your staff.

Key Details

Cost £1,800.00

Package Booking


Price: £1,800.00

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