This series of courses has been designed to deepen subject knowledge and support those leading Literacy across the primary school. All courses include a practical element which can assist participants in developing teaching strategies to implement in school. A variety of teaching methods will be demonstrated to make reading, writing and communication fun for children and teachers. All courses have been designed to reflect the 2014 National Curriculum.

Systematic Synthetic Phonics: EYFS & KS1

The focus of this session will be on Phases 1-6 of Letters and Sounds. Whilst the Letters and Sounds document offers a framework for the systematic teaching of phonics, it is not a teaching programme in its own right. In this very practical course, we will look at each section of the 4-part lesson and the kinds of resources and activities that can be used in each section and in different…

Price: £75.00

Date: 21st November 2017

Making writing exciting – helping pupils to find their voice

This practical course focusses on our purpose for writing, our awareness of audience and engagement of the reader. Writing moderation in schools across a number of Local Authorities has highlighted an over-emphasis on the teaching of the mechanics of writing leading to a loss of creativity and engagement. This course will suit those new to teaching, literacy leaders and those who wish to retain a…

Price: £275.00

Dates: 10th January 2018 1st February 2018

Developing reading comprehension

In this session, we will explore a wide range of active reading strategies to improve and develop pupils’ understanding of text. Delegates will have the opportunity to discuss ideas and explore resources for reading fiction, non-fiction and poetry, for use in shared, guided and independent reading. We will also consider how to develop our questioning skills to extend pupils’ thinking about a…

Price: £75.00

Date: 8th February 2018

Approaches to developing pupils’ vocabulary

Having a large and rich vocabulary is strongly related to reading proficiency and school achievement in general. There are significant differences in vocabulary knowledge among learners from different abilities and socio-economic groups, and this gap widens as pupils progress through primary and secondary school. Relying on wide reading for vocabulary growth only adds to the inequities in…

Price: £75.00

Date: 8th February 2018

Challenging your able readers: providing depth and breadth

In this session, we will consider what ‘mastery’ might look like in the reading curriculum. We will explore a variety of texts to ensure we provide pupils with high quality reading opportunities and extension activities to provide depth and breadth. We will develop good quality questioning to enable pupils to think deeply about the text they are reading and give higher level responses. We…

Price: £75.00

Date: 1st March 2018