This series of courses has been designed to deepen subject knowledge and support those leading Mathematics across the primary school curriculum. All courses include a practical element which can assist participants in developing teaching strategies to implement in school. A variety of teaching methods will be used in order to make mathematics fun for children and teachers. This programme has been developed for primary school staff in EYFS, KS1 and KS2. All courses have been designed to reflect the 2014 National Curriculum.

Mastery in EYFS and KS1 Mathematics

This course will examine best practice in Early Years and KS1 mathematics. It will identify the developmental stages that children progress through in order to develop early calculation skills. Through the use of visual models, equipment and images we will explore how children develop a strong and flexible understanding of number, developing early mastery of key maths concepts. A range of…

Price: £150.00

Date: 31st January 2017

Building Mastery in Mathematics – Leading the Change

Day 1 of the ‘Building Mastery in Mathematics’ training is aimed at school and subject leaders who wish to deepen mathematics learning across the school. We will look at whole-school strategies for developing a mastery curriculum, including: Building understanding in early mathematics – We will look at the developmental stages that children progress through in order to be able to calculate….

Price: £275.00

Dates: 21st November 2016 22nd November 2016