NQT Training Programme

We know how important it is that NQT’s are provided with good support and training during their first year in a school. This is why we have expanded our NQT induction training programme to include a balanced and high quality support package for new teachers. Our training is brought to you in partnership with St Mary’s University College, Twickenham and Roehampton University.
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NQT Training Programme

Newly Qualified Teacher Induction training programme We know how important it is that NQT’s are provided with good support and training during their first year of teaching. This is why we have provided a full programme of training courses spread evenly across the academic year. Costs We are pleased to be able to offer the NQT Induction training programme at £600 (excluding VAT) for the first…

Price: £600.00

Dates: 20th September 2017 4th October 2017 18th October 2017 8th November 2017 29th November 2017 13th December 2017 17th January 2018 31st January 2018 28th February 2018 7th March 2018 21st March 2018 25th April 2018 9th May 2018 23rd May 2018 13th June 2018


This practical session will provide teachers with the opportunity to share with colleagues their experiences of teaching science whilst taking part in a range of activities that can be easily adapted for use back in school.

Price: £60.00

Date: 9th May 2018

Learning measuring through problem solving

This session will consider problem solving approaches to supporting children’s understanding of different aspects of measuring. There will be opportunities to consider key concepts that are common to all measures and how these can be supported in the classroom.

Price: £60.00

Date: 28th February 2018

The essential guide for NQTs

The session will be a whistle stop tour of all the things NQTs need to know in their first term and equip them with essential tips to survive!   To include: Do you know your school? Class profile Behaviour management. Documentation (including planning, marking and assessment and evidence for NQT portfolio) Time management/organisational skills Effective use of TA/additional staff Classroom…

Price: £60.00

Date: 20th September 2017

Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar SPAG

The focus of this session is twofold: to brush up on your own subject knowledge about punctuation and grammar; to share and develop classroom strategies for teaching punctuation and grammar.   Please bring with you some examples of writing which includes punctuation errors and some examples of planning for the teaching of grammar.  

Price: £60.00

Dates: 7th March 2018

Online Safety

The Internet and new technologies offer wonderful opportunities for exploring, communicating, and self-expression. Our pupils are growing up with the Internet, and gadgets with which to access it as part of everyday life. The challenge for everyone, including teachers, is to make sure children fully understand and are prepared for the possibilities, both good and bad, presented by the new…

Price: £60.00

Date: 29th November 2017

Developing children’s number sense

This session considers approaches to developing children’s number sense in KS1 and KS2.  We will consider different models of the number system and ways in which these can be used to support children’s understanding and connections between different aspects of number.  

Price: £60.00

Dates: 18th October 2017

Creating a community of readers and writers

The focus of this session will be on the many different ways in which we can create a positive classroom environment to encourage literacy. We will consider: The physical and emotional environment Key teaching strategies Please bring with you quality picture book and any photos of striking classroom displays focused on literacy.  

Price: £60.00

Dates: 31st January 2018


The course aims to give practical support regarding the inclusion of all pupils and to give guidance on classroom strategies.  

Price: £60.00

Date: 4th October 2017

Assessment for Learning

Jo Iwanicki will guide the NQT’s through the different purposes of assessment, as well as providing an overview of the latest AfL research and self assessment techniques. She will also provide practical classroom hints and tips on assessment.  

Price: £60.00

Date: 21st March 2018
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